Joan Rivers Showed Us She’d Do WHATEVER NEEDS DOING. Do Your Actions Say the Same?

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

A couple of years ago I had the fantastic privilege of dealing with Joan Rivers. Because Joan was well-known for her "take-no-prisoners" interview style, I was concerned she might embarrass me on the interview, but was ready to risk it to obtain the attention.

If you don’t had ever met Ms. Rivers you’ll only know her for everything you had seen on television — a bold, brash, raunchy comedian without boundaries. In the event that you heard her story then you’d know she was among the great “whatever-it-takes” folks of all time.

When I met Joan Rivers I realized how little I knew about her. She arrived within my home in Hollywood at age 79 after a complete day of work and a cross-country flight from NY to LA. She arrived face-lift positive, with the attitude of a 20 year old in love, grateful to be working, and demonstrated a whatever-it-takes work ethic.

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At Joan Rivers’ funeral, her friends discussed her as if she had turn into a symbol or a brand for them. Individuals were no longer just discussing her as a raunchy comedian but as somebody who wouldn’t normally quit.

This got me to considering branding. Merriam-Webster defines branding as “the procedure involved in creating a distinctive name and image for something in the consumer’s mind, mainly through promotional initiatives with a consistent theme.” But does branding always require advertising? Does advertising always need you to spend cash? I don’t think so.

Joan Rivers proved that branding and advertising were due to her actions. Businesses and people have grown to be too reliant on spending to get attention and don’t developing a brand with action.

Everyone includes a brand. You, your partner, your kids, friends and family, everyone! You created that brand through advertising without spending hardly any money. What causes visitors to perceive you in the manner they do depends upon what they see you doing more often than not.

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Millennials have already been branded as lazy texters, rich people as greedy and rappers as thugs — you get the idea. How perhaps you have branded yourself? In the event that you don’t know you should be concerned. You ought to be in a position to identify your brand with three words that capture everything you do quite often.

Think about someone you truly admire and I assure you that you respect her or him for finished . they do the most. That’s their brand. I’m referred to as a promoter-marketer, author, speaker, salesman, social-media driver and someone that’s ready to work and do whatever needs doing.

Joan Rivers explained, for the reason that raspy straightforward-no-BS method of hers, “don’t sell your programming to those greedy suits. Do-it-yourself! You have the talent and the resources.” I took Joan’s advice and the same week she was celebrated for how she lived her life, I launched WHATEVER NEEDS DOING Network.

So find out everything you offer and everything you stand for. What’s your personal "thing?"

Spend time on your own brand each day, enhance it, reinforce it and do whatever needs doing to allow world know through your actions that’s who you are.

R.I.P. Joan Rivers and thanks for the fantastic advice.

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