APPOINTMENT Preparation Checklist

Don’t panic! Prepare yourself by following these 10 steps.

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Which means you applied for employment online, and just got a call from the recruiter asking when you can interview with the potential employer. You are super excited until you hear that the interview is going on in 48 hours. Two days. OMG!

Don’t panic; just prepare! Glassdoor offers you covered. Filled with timing and strategy, we’ve compiled a thorough set of essential methods to gear up for your interview and knock it from the park. Ready, set, prep!

1. Study for your interview like it’s your final exam.

  • Find as much information as you can on the business or organization, and commit as a lot of it to memory as possible.
  • If the work you’re interviewing for requires knowledge in a particular field, do all the learning and brushing up you can on information that’ll be highly relevant to your interview.

2. Generate a listing of potential interview questions (and their answers!) beforehand.

  • Base your set of questions on both everything you expect them to ask and the true life connection with others
  • Get in touch with individuals who worked in similar companies and positions when you are interviewing for and have them about their interview experience
  • Use tools like Glassdoor’s interview question database to research real interview questions and their answers.


3. Create answers to every question you anticipate, and practice delivering them aloud.

  • Although you may don’t remember your responses word after word, you can fall back on certain tips and phrases.
  • Write your own set of questions for the interviewer, and become prepared to inquire further when enough time arises.
  • Ensure that your questions are nuanced and well-researched. Never require any information which can be simply aquired online.

4. Compare your skills and experience to the work description.

  • For every component of the work description, brainstorm your relevant skills and experiences, and think critically about how exactly you need to present them.
  • If there’s a preferred skill or experience there is no need, have the ability to demonstrate you’ll be competent without it.

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5. Be rested and healthy for the wedding day.

  • Before getting good night’s sleep, make an effort to imagine yourself acing the interview.
  • Eat wholesome, healthy meals for the times preceding the interview.
  • Should you be susceptible to anxiety, try breathing techniques or meditation the morning of the interview, and even directly before.

6. Dress for success

  • Keep your fashion choices subdued and classic — don’t wear clothes that may distract the interviewer.
  • If you’re unclear on which kind of clothes to wear, don’t hesitate to attain out to your interviewer and have.
  • Wear clothes you are feeling confident in. Don’t hesitate to purchase an “interview outfit” or two that you are feeling your very best in.

7. Empower yourself

  • Practice a company handshake, strong posture and attentive body gestures beforehand.
  • Think about a mantra you can call upon for self-confidence, like, “regardless of what, I’ll do my best.”
  • Make an effort to imagine yourself not obtaining the job. While it may be painful to take into account, what is it possible to see yourself having learned from the interview experience?

8. Don’t leave any unnecessary unknowns.

  • Plan what things to bring (extra copies of your resume!) and even what transportation you are taking to the interview way beforehand, so there’s no added uncertainty your day of.

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9. Keep an interview journal

  • During as well as after your interview has ended, take a short while to write down what parts you felt you aced, and enabling you to have shone brighter. These notes can serve as a very important guide for your own future interviews.

10. Follow-up.

  • Extending the conversation implies that you’re passionate about the work. Don’t call each day asking in the event that you got the work, but a simple many thanks note can speak volumes about your commitment to the positioning.
  • And in the event that you didn’t get the work? Tell them if you’re still interested, and have you skill to be a more appealing candidate later on.

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